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Seaward prime Test 350

GEC Electrical Contracting’s approach is to provide you with the most innovative and cost effective service within the Electrical Industry. We pride ourselves on honest and reliable Electrical Solutions.

Our testing and tagging services include tests such as polarity testing, insulation resistance test, current leakage and earth resistance tests that comply to Australian Standards.

Our Electricians are a Specialist team with over 15 years experience and are Registered with Energy Safe Victoria.

GEC Electrical testing and tagging service, provide a full range of testing and tagging to businesses of all sizes, from all consumers, & self-employed persons with only a hand full of appliances though to large multi-site organisations with thousands of electrical items to inspect and test.

Is your work place compliant?
Occupational Health and Safety Legislation requires an employer to provide as far as practically possible a safe working enviroment.

One way to make the work environment a safer place is to TEST and TAG all electrical appliances and the electrical installation when required: AS 3760:2003 Safety Inspection & Testing of Electrical equipment and AS 3012:2003 Electrical Installation Construction and Demolition sites.

This is now a less disruptive and more affordable service because of the new cutting edge technology/testing equipment and logging capabilities we use.

What needs to be tested?
Power Tools • Computers • Monitors • Kitchen Portable Appliances • T.V’s • DVDs • Fax Machines • Extension Leads • Power Board Outlets • Phone Chargers • All Portable Plug-in Appliances • Safety Switches / RCDs

Who performs the tests?
G.E.C is a registered electrical contractor. We only use A-Grade Electricians to test equipment and the electrical installation. If a test fails and there is a problem with equipment or the electrical installation, as trained electricians we can advise or fix the problem for you more readily than other companies
that do not use electricians for testing. These companies are extremely limited as they generally do not hold electrical licences.

This is our advantage over the competition which gives our clients peace of mind and a more cost effective service.

What Comes with the service?
A full computer generated report. This can be stored and/or sent to your company via e-mail.

The report includes details of the company, test result, date of retesting and product information. All tags have bar codes so retesting is conducted efficiently with minimal disruption to the work place.

Testing Intervals
This depends on 2 factors:
The class of your equipment or appliance and the environment of your work place.

Intervals can range in general from 1 month to 5 years.
e.g. Office enviroments every 12 Months, Building sites every 3 months

Other Services
Emergency light testing / maintenance and Thermal Imaging for the electrical installation to detect potential faults or fires before they occur. Both additional service’s charged at an hourly rate.

Please contact us for more details on 0405 272 769

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